CMP Initiatives

CMP -Initiatives( Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya. Updated as on 19.03.2019)

No Initiative Class & Subject 

Learning Objective initially envisaged 

Learning Objective Realized or Not 

Name of the Teacher in-charge along with designation 

 1Readiness programme :  Making the new commerce familiarize with School environment, School language etc.Class I English, Evs etc. Making them aware of the school environment, curriculum, culture etc. Learning objective realized. Mrs. Sarika S.R,Mrs.Sandhya N
 Meeting of new parents with teacher.Class I Learning objective realized.

 HM I/C, Mrs.Sheela Jacob,Class Teachers of Class I,Mrs.Sarika,Mrs.Sandhya,


 Community Lunch – Awareness of Sharing Class I Eng., MathsSocial Awareness Learning objective realized. Mrs. Lal Remi
4Communicative skill – to enhance the spoken skill. Class V, English To improve the language efficiency of the children. Learning objective realized Mrs.Asha susan Iype
5School Readiness Program-ensures a smooth transition from the home environment to the school environment- 1A,B, C –all subjects 

Recognize the school environment,develop confidence and correlate 

 Learning objective realizedClass teachers and subject teachers of 1A, B ,C
6Grand-Parents Day-to develop sense of regard and responsibility- Classes from 1-5 To honor and respect grand parents and all senior members in the society-to thank them for their service to the society and the guidance to the new generation Learning objective realized All the primary teachers and Senior PRTs
Bal-Diwas-to help children grow as responsible citizens of the nation Classes from 1-5 To inculcate in students a sense of self-respect and self-confidence which was the dream of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru Learning object realized All the primary teachers and Headmaster I/C
8Excursion-to enjoy a variety of activities that enhance their knowledge Classes from 1-5 To enhance the healthy mental and physical development of students Learning objective realized All the primary teachers 
Film Shows-to improve the communication skills of students Classes from 1-5 To facilitate easy informal learning Learning objective realized All the primary teacher 
10 Charity Club-
To inculcate the values of helping and caring the needy aged people  
Classes from 1-5 To imbibe the quality of love, caring, sympathy and affection in small childrenLearning object realized  All the primary teacher  
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