The Haritha Project was launched in the Vidyalaya on October 2nd 2016 with paddy cultivation. On the day saplings were

planted at the play ground boundary by the Chief Guest and Chairman of the Vidyalaya  Principal, teachers and students of theVidyalaya.

The Paddy harvest was carried out on 26th  January 2017  with great enthusiasm .



                  In the month of February 2017 Krishi bhavan officers visited the schooland demonstarted the methods of sowing vegetable seeds. 

As per their instruction a vegetable garden was set up behind the Physics/Chemistry Lab.



                   June 5, the Haritha Project proceeded with medicinal plant cultivation, just before the arrival of "Karkidaka Month'  which is noted 

for the 'Medicanal Kanji'. This gave an insight about medicinal plants.

                   The school has set up an aquaponics for rearing fish, and a pond has been built for rearing oriental fish.


                    A water recycling unit has been set up to recyclingunit has been set up to recyclegrey water from  Air conditioner  to water  the

plants in the garden




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